Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Week 3 Recheck Appointment

Taj on his way to the vet in style!
So far so good! Dr. Rider said the leg looks as it should from visual inspection. The pin sites look great. There is still slight discharge now from 3 of the 16 pin sites (these are the pins on the top 2 rings that go through more muscle mass). Taj licks this pin site especially; we need to re-engineer the comfy cone a bit since Taj has mastered the art of licking around it.

For some physical therapy, we can start to rock Taj back and forth (front and back, side to side) on the leg a little bit to help him to start to put a bit of weight on it. He has been putting some weight on the leg especially on softer surfaces (e.g. carpets, blankets, grass), but he tends to not want to put much weight on the leg on concrete or asphalt surfaces. We can cut back the Tramadol to only as needed for pain management (usually 1 pin every 8-12 hours now). Taj can also go for longer wagon rides now pending he doesn't move too much, walk, or try to jump out - woohoo!

Pathetic saluki gaze waiting for our appointment
Mom writing down her list of questions... she is pretty "thorough"

Dr. Rider inspecting the 16 pin sites for discharge

Dr. Rider inspecting the pins for tightness

Dr. Rider inspecting my joints and flexibility
Dr. Rider showing mom how to rock me back and forth for PT

A clean bill of health - yay!

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