Monday, May 23, 2011

Taj Crate Modifications and the B-Spec Wagon

 Modified crate with quilted bumpers

So I wanted to post a bit about how I modified Taj's old crate (which I first had to go find and pull out of storage). I created "bumpers" around the crate with quilted padding fabric. These are simply held up with string via holes cut in the fabric and tied onto the crate at regular intervals. I attached the bumpers so that his fixator braces can not catch and get caught between the crate bars. Taj also likes to sleep on his back, and again with a leg in the air, the quilting acts as a buffer system. Taj primarily uses the upstairs exercise pen at night, and I typically have the crate in the kitchen so that Taj can watch me while I cook.

I also worked on some minor modifications to the wagon - removing the front panel so that Taj can let his legs out freely. I'm trying to figure out the best way to secure him in the wagon so that if I am walking him myself I won't have any fear that he will jump out. I put Taj in the wagon today and just pulled him up and down the driveway to get him used to the idea of going for a new kind of ride.

Taj being very patient for his seat adjustments
Our installation lap

Woah, way too much mental stimulation for today...

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