Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lounging with 'Lukis

My 'kind' friends decided to take these pictures of me passed out exhausted in various places in the house. I think it takes more energy to manage an immobile saluki than a mobile one. Between work, life duties, and caring for Taj ... all has caught up with me. Carrying Taj about has taken a bit of a toll on my lower back too, but luckily for me with all the TLC he is doing much better and can just about hobble everywhere now himself (except for steps)!

Passed out before doing our nightly leg cleaning...

Stealing a nap with my Roo on the couch


  1. Hi, l am inspired by the passion and love you share with your lovely dogs. I am on day three of this journey and arrived home with Rory today. I am feeling low today but will do my best to get him back on his little leg. Jan

    1. Hi Jan and Rory - Thanks for the kind message! So sorry you have to go through the same journey with Rory. The good news is that the fixators DO work! The first few weeks are always the worst by far and then it starts to get exponentially better! Rory is lucky to have a mom who invests the time, energy, and love to go through it with him! Six months from now it will all be worth it. Just follow the vets instructions to the last detail (get support of friends and family) and you'll both be good to go again in no time! Both Taj and later Rumi felt really off the first few days but by about day 7-8 they start to feel much better... then you have to get creative on how to keep them 'entertained' for the next few months! Hang in there! - Heather, "Taj," & "Rumi"