Tuesday, May 3, 2011

RoboTaj: Lord of The Rings

This is not how a Saluki is supposed to look, but we are all grateful for the chance to help Taj heal so that he can run again! Taj has many nicknames - one of which has always been "TraumaTaj," although now this takes on a whole new level of meaning! Taj is very adept at letting you know exactly how he feels about things and has always been prone to be dramatic. I will go into some details of the external ring fixator system in the next posts.

Taj was definitely glad to be leaving VOSM. The surgeons did a great job, but Taj has never liked vets. Taj was a bit of a rebel-rouser post-surgery, and I actually got a call to pick him up a bit earlier than scheduled since he was not happy to be in his recovery cage. It is very important to keep your dog as calm as possible and quiet in the immediate days after the surgery and all Taj wanted was to be back with his mom.
Trauma Taj resting on the ride home in the back of the SUV
Taj's leg is swollen and tender after surgery (this is normal);
the yellow is from the betadine antiseptic

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