Saturday, May 21, 2011

Another kind of Waggin'

Taj has been in his pen for about 2.5 weeks now and every time I take him out he always looks longingly past the gate towards the road. For the first couple weeks I didn't want to move him at all while the bone was healing. However, because I am a softie, I started to brainstorm how I could take him outside for a "walk."

I finally had an epiphany and headed out to Tractor Supply todday to buy a guardian utility cart. Originally, I was thinking a bright red radio flyer wagon, but I wanted something with higher sides and Taj is too long when he sits to fit in a regular child wagon. 

I checked with the vet, and he said as long as he was not walking and there was no risk of him jumping out, the wagon was a go! We would start with small walks and work our way up. We'd stay on smooth roads because I didn't want to jar the leg about.... Best of all, now I can ask Taj: "Do you want to go for a roll"?

Rumi graciously volunteers to be our guinea-dog

I join in to test out the wagon's 'heartiness' factor...

We concoct a makeshift doggie harness / safety belt..
and we're off for a for a test drive
Roo's pilot ride is a success!

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