Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rumi Emoting For Taj

I'm content watching over my brother but...
I'll just lick and prepare this cage for...
Rumi has actually been a little angel through this whole ordeal. He is such a good-hearted and well-mannered dog.

Roo was such a good boy when the break happened - he heeled perfectly beside me the whole way back to the car while I was carrying a whimpering Taj. He behaved perfectly when I had to leave for a couple days to take Taj down to Annapolis for surgery.

Sometimes Rumi likes to go in the exercise pen to visit with Taj, check him out, make sure he's ok and steal a nap with him. Taj isn't in a "play" mood yet, but when he is they will have to be totally separated.

It's had to keep a routine with your other healthy dogs when you have a 'sick' dog although I think as much consistency as possible is pretty important. I still try to get out to take Rumi for a big walk once a day.

Rumi has assumed the new role of alpha male. Although he has no one to reign over, this doesn't seem to phase him one bit. He has 'promoted' himself from Rumi the Sufi poet lover Casanova dog to Rumi the Protector and Guardian of Belle Avenue.

Rumi has now assumed many of Taj's roles such as running to check the windows for the mailman, the UPS man, the garbage and recycling men. He is also very vigilant for the neighbor to come out in the evenings to call "Here kitty kitty."
An Evil Roo Chew! You can't hold one saluki back let alone two!...
Apparently in Saluki-speak this equates to absolute evil (summoning demons) and therefore must be followed with a full 5-minute howl session to purge away the evil spirits.

Rumi has also adapted by learning to play with himself (throwing up toys in the air and catching them by himself).

He's also developed a rather odd habit of sitting directly in front of Taj in the Xpen and "chatting" to him.

Of course I have to be very careful that Rumi receives equal treats to what Taj gets. I've also asked some friends to bring over their dogs so Rumi can have playmates and friends to run around with. I am thinking of doing a local training class with him in the next month in agility or rally to give him something else to do. Overall Rumi has adjusted very well so far... He is my comic relief! :)

Gnash! gnash! gnash! Fear my demon puppy eyes!

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