Who is Taj the Saluki?

Taj the Saluki
"Taj" is my first saluki and my heart dog. I've always been captivated by the breed and am a total saluki aficionado. I am by no means a saluki expert (having only been owned by salukis now for 3 years), but I love to learn about the breed. Taj arrived in my life three  and a half years ago; he was five months old. Taj comes from a mix of Finnish, Ranesaw, and Srinagar lines (all the way back to dogs like Ranesaw's Words of Wisdom and Jen Araby Farouk).
Taj posing regally

Salukis are sighthounds (hounds that hunt by sight and speed); other examples of sighthounds are afghan hounds, borzoi, greyhounds, irish wolfhounds, scottish deerhounds, whippets, sloughi, azawakh, italian greyhounds, as well as other breeds.

The saluki is a very old domesticated breed that comes from the Middle East. Salukis were used to hunt quarry (hares, foxes, jackals, even gazelles) by nomadic Bedouin tribes. 

 Salukis are a largely independent breed and can sometimes be characterized as more aloof or reserved than other breeds. Salukis are very gentle and affectionate creatures and can become quite attached to the people that they own. Salukis can be quite stubborn and are largely a very intelligent breed. They are prone to have a higher prey drive and can be great jumpers. Salukis are the marathon runners of the canine world -  tthe fastest dog breed over long distances (up to 42.8 mph)!

A year after living with Taj, I wanted a companion for him and a dog to start to show, so "Rumi" (Z'bee's Homage to the Dreamer) came home with me. Rumi is from the Z'bees Prestigious Presto X Z'bees Strike a Pose (Tyra) litter.At first, Taj thought that bringing home Roo was the worst idea that I've ever had; although within a week, they were newly super best friends.

Taj investigating Roo antics
While Taj is more dramatic - edging towards slight neuroticism at times, he is also deeply philosophical, casually serious, everyday elegant, stoic and unflappable. Rumi is playful, carefree, silly, clownish, loving, and frankly joyfully simple. 

My saluki family and I at Martha's Vineyard
I love to travel and take my dogs with me everywhere I can. We lived for several years in central Massachusetts - taking regular trips to Boston, Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, and surrounding greater New England.

Salukis on the Beach
More recently, we have moved back to central Pennsylvania. Currently we live in Boalsburg PA (near State College); however, we will soon be moving southeast towards the Harrisburg and Philadelphia areas.

Pajama Taj in a Rare Moment of of Absolute Silliness
We are always looking to meet more saluki friends, to learn about the breed, and be a resource where we can. If you have a dog going through a similar procedure and have questions or want to get in touch with us in general, please feel free to contact me at the following email: Heather. Check back to see our healing progress!

Please note: All the opinions and ideas expressed on this blog are derived solely from my personal experience navigating through Taj's injury and rehabilitation. Always follow your veterinarian's advice first and foremost. What has worked for Taj and I may not work for you and your canine companion.