Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jail Break Attempt #1

Taj contemplating his escape...
(possibly to get away from his horrible 80's style floral comforter!)
Taj has been feeling a LOT better lately and is much more mobile in his exercise pen. He seems to have a burst of energy from 7-9PM at night. I was cooking dinner later and the smell must have been too much for Taj because after gnawing at the locks on his pen, he decided that we was miraculously healed and that it was time to plan his escape. Taj decided the best way to do this was to rear up on his hind legs and half dance - half jump his way to freedom.

Luckily, my friend Mat was on "Saluki Watch" duty and was there to do a dramatic leap to catch him and successfully intervene so that Mr. Taj did not impact the ground. Ugh! This of course made me very weary, so Taj spent the night in his crate.

Escape foiled by new clear tarp roof!
The next morning I ran out to the fabric tore and grabbed some supplies. My experience at an engineering school (go WPI) was coming in handy! I strung up a quick exercise pen roof. Total cost was: clear tarp ($6), string ties ($6), hole punch ($3). The exercise pen is 48" high, but I strung the tarp at 36." This is high enough to let Taj sit and stand, but not high enough for him to attempt another escape. The clear quality of the tarp lets the light and sunshine in too! Thank you to Mat and Roberta for their help!

Taj checking out his new diggs!

Low Tech Solution: Clear Tarp, Hole Punch, String!
The face of innocence.

Taj still gets sunshine and his window view!
Taj's favorite pastime: Window watching

Taj plotting... no Saluki is ever truly defeated...
Plenty of head room...
This is a quick shot of Taj's "upstairs palace." This exercise pen is only 36" high. I bought a GoGo Exercise Pen UV Top / Cover in hunter green for $15. It is quite sturdy and has straps that attach it to the pen.

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