Monday, May 23, 2011

Taj's First Neighborhood "Walk" Post-Surgery

Go Mr. T!
Curiously intrigued...
Today we went on a big two-block wagon ride around the neighborhood. Taj was a very good boy and didn't try to get out of the wagon at all despite my "Lemuel Gulliver "safety tie-down method (I really wanted to ensure this is a safe experience for my recovering dog - and trust me sight hounds are always on the watch for prey). The ties are give and take, relatively loose, but tight enough that if he attempts to stand, he won't be able to bolt out.

We saw dogs in yards, hundreds of squirrels, and even one c-a-t, but he stayed laying down... until we saw a bunny - thank goodness for the tie-downs. This is his 'mental health' break for the day and he genuinely looks forward to it. He gets tons of stimulation: sights, scents, and sounds. Hopefully we can build up to longer wagon walks with time, but we're playing it safe for now.

Hopefully as he heals and the bone hardens, the wagon rides will be needed less. Eventually he will start to be able to build up some walking capacity on the leg, but not until after the first post-op x-rays (at 4-weeks). 

And they're off!

After the first block Taj kept looking at me and throwing his head up and around a bit. I bent over to check-in with him and he gave me a big kiss on the cheek. Very touching because when we normally go for walks (before the leg break happened), Taj always gives me a "leaping kiss" at the start of the walk as a 'thank you for walking me' gesture. He'll look at me intensely, then randomly jump up in the air - off all fours - and tap me on the cheek with his nose. I think all the head-tossing in the wagon and looking at me was his way of getting my attention so he could give me his modified-version of a leaping saluki kiss.

Very happy dogs

Taj checking out his hood
This would be perfect if only I could pee on the trees!
Success and a tired saluki!


  1. My dog's fixator just came off at 12 weeks with a "fair" heal. It's been arduous. Glad to find your blog. Rita Stout

  2. Thank, Rita.
    How's your dog doing now?