Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Comfy Cone Gift Pack Arrives!

Because we were having some trouble with the clunky, dreaded plastic Elizabethan collar, Taj's best buddy in Massachusetts, Rich, sent him a HUGE gift package with lots of fun things to play with while he recovers. The package included a "Comfy Cone" which is a cloth e-collar alternative.

Taj gets a Snoopy card... how nicely wrapped!
There are yummy things in there....

Baby Roo can't resist the smells and excitement...
Rich went all the way to Boston to go to the Polka Dog Bakery to buy some delicious treats! Taj is a big fan!

Boston Treats from Polka Dog Bakery!
Salukis Bliss! Are these all for me?!
Taj's bounty includes: odor-free bully sticks, freeze-dried beef treats, a pig ear, a cow snout, a lamb ear, a buffalo chew, a comfy cone, a squeaky bird, a squeaky face, and three Kyjen squeaky eggs - these are such simple little toys, but Taj's favorite! Woo woo!

We are very grateful to Rich for sending this Treasure Box of gifts and for all his well wishes for Taj's recovery.

Rich also helped to start this blog to document Taj's healing so we are grateful for that as well!
Taj can now "Tweet" on Twitter!

C'mon, mom!

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