Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wishing for "Free-Range" Taj

So we've made a weekly tradition of wagon-ing Taj down to Duffy's Tavern at least once a week. Duffy's Tavern is one of the only local restaurants to offer outside dog-friendly patio dining (and the food is excellent too)! Luckily, Duffy's is just a short 1-mile downhill pull from our house. We managed to figure out the trick of pulling Taj down in the wagon and then driving him in the car back home.
Duffy's Tavern ... Yum!
Taj checking out the locals... and the chickens!
Taj loves all the attention he gets and the new change of scenery. Rumi usually comes along for the walk too! Boalsburg has it's own small flock of "free range" chickens that live downtown and literally roam all over the neighborhood. This seems provides endless entertainment for the dogs to monitor while we eat our meal - especially if the rooster is out strutting his stuff down Main Street.

The real "Free Range" chickens of Boalsburg

We savor the small, simple adventures with Taj while we wait out the long haul. From our daily wagon rides, most of the neighborhood now knows about Taj's story and are cheering him on. A special thank you to Roberta, Mat, Bronte, Liza, Leah, my Dad, and everyone else who has stopped by to help with the wagon rides. They are the highlight of his day and he loves when friends come along! 

Taj, Heather, Rumi, and Roberta at the Tavern
Tarrying with my Mom ... although I'd rather be on a chaise lounge.
(You must pardon her mere bourgeoisie gym clothes!)

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