Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tajs First Field Trip: Part 1

It is a gorgeous day in Happy Valley, so we decided to take Taj to Penn State's Arboretum to soak up some fresh air and sunshine. Technically dogs are not allowed, but since he was wagon-confined, we thought we could stretch the rules a bit. This was Taj's first big outing (aside from the Vet) since the accident happened just over a month ago. I wanted to keep his movement confined as possible until after the first radiographs (to make sure his leg was healing ok). Taj seemed to enjoy it and the change of setting, although he was not too thrilled with all the bumble bees and other "scary" bugs that inhabited the flowers. I guess when you spend the greater part of a month in a pen, everything becomes extremely stimulating and exciting! :)

Posing at The Lotus Pond
Taking in the New Sights
Flower Contemplation

Pulling Taj through the Gardens

One of the pretty highlights of the Arboretum is the big fountain in the gardens. Taj appreciated it's great "fountainy-ness" and liked to be in the slight cool mist that emanated out of it.

Big Fountain in the Botanic Gardens

Cooling Off in the Mist
Saluki Love

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