Sunday, June 5, 2011

Week 4 Recheck Appointment

Week 4 Leg Inspection
We made it - Week 4! This was the first exciting recheck because we finally got to take new radiographs to see how the bone is healing. Dr. Rider inspected the leg again - flexibility and joint mobility still look good - pins look great as well. Dr. Rider also observed that the Taj's muscles are retaining decently - especially for such high mobility restrictions.

Good Flexibility, Clean Pin Sites!
Taj Being as Obstinate as He Can Be
 Taj was being a bit of a bugger for this inspection as you can see in the photos. He was being very obstinate and did not want to stand properly. Dr. Rider took him back for radiographs and he did behave appropriately finally. I said that he was such a brave boy when Dr. Rider brought him back; however, Dr. Rider offered that perhaps the more appropriate term might not be so much brave as compliant. Haha! 

We had a chance to look at the X-rays in the office. I have posted these to Taj's Monthly Radiograph Progress page. Cartilage callus formation is starting to form in between some of the fracture sites (it looks like a "cloudy blob" for lack of a better term). This is good news! The break doesn't look any worse, it looks slightly better; everything is still aligned as it should be. The callous will start to grow more rapidly and will begin to fill in the break sites and pull the bone fractures together over the course of the next two months. Because Taj's break was quite bad, it will take significantly longer to heal than other cleaner breaks.

So now begins the long haul! We have another pin recheck at 6-weeks and then another radiograph appointment at 8-weeks.

We are still not allowed to take more than a few brief 'walks' (bathroom breaks) per day. I usually get him out now about 5X per day for 5-10 minutes a piece.

Hopefully at 6-weeks, we can start more of a physical therapy routine! Still lots of rest for now!

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