Thursday, June 23, 2011

Taj's Insectophobia ... Taj = 1 : (Dead) Bug = 0

So another of Taj's "quirks" is that he is nonchalantly petrified of various and sundry insects. Yes, he has canine entomophobia. This condition, of course, has only been heightened and intensified by the relative lack of stimulation as of recent days. If he detects any slight insect movement in the house -within his super sighthound visual vicinity- he will let me know that I need to take care of the developing "s-i-t-u-a-t-i-o-n" pronto.

I have tried to explain this to many people, and finally was able to capture a glimpse of this on camera today. Taj was on afternoon insect surveillance when I heard the warning whine of utter appallment. I grabbed my camera to find that an unidentified insect had DARED to land on his clear plastic roof tarp and then promptly proceeded to keel over in a final act of insulting provocation: The outrage! The torment! The disdain! I am sure with his super sighthound acuity, Taj could see the bug superciliously glaring at him through his dead bug compound eyes!

Of course, I find amusement in some of Taj's "trials and tribulations." So as Taj was aghast as this tiny insolent alien invador was in his territory, I filmed away:

I know I should not encourage him...! I am, of course, at fault for this phobia. Several years ago, a really nasty looking bug was on the wall and instead of being the mature adult that I should be - I shrieked and pointed at it, acting terrified, and it imprinted on Taj. He took it to heart and from that day forth has become the ultimate bug watch dog.

I love how Taj has to wipe away the disgustingness of the dead bug encounter, rubbing his head on the floor, also a concurrent attempt to de-muzzle himself so that he can SNAP at it. Luckily, right after this incident, Taj settled right back down and promptly went to sleep! :)

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