Sunday, June 19, 2011

6-Week Recheck Appointment and Rumi the Zoomie Taunting

We made it to 6-weeks with no major (or even minor) incidents! Taj has had excellent care and lots of TLC from all the vets, his mom, and all his extended human and canine friends and family so far. Fortunately, I can say that this was a rather mundane visit - just another fixator check - but the pins are still tight and absolutely no infections around the pins so far!

Taj not too happy about his flexibility check 

We asked Dr. Rider about starting some more physical therapy work or walking, but Taj is still not allowed to go for short walks (beyond 10-minute bathroom breaks) until a larger cartilage callous forms. That means our next hope is the 8-week recheck visit where we take his 2-month post-op radiographs. Taj still has full flexibility in his leg and joints and decent muscle mass for not moving too often. After the accident he lost about 6 pounds, but I weighed him today and he is gaining a bit of weight back slowly. Dr. Rider said that although Taj is healing, the progress (as expected due to the nature of the break) is slow, and he likely thinks that the fixator will be on 16 weeks, possibly even slightly longer.
Testing pin integrity - all good!
We are allowed to bathe Taj if we cover the entire leg up with plastic securely. Apparently getting any water near the pins - puts them at risk for incurring an infection - an thus baths are only encouraged if absolutely needed. Luckily for me, my boys have very little odor - so we will hold off until the 8-week X-rays.

Rumi came along with Taj to the appointment today since he was due for his annual physical exam. Rumi has a totally clean bill of health! It is so fun to watch them in the office. Taj has to be constantly touching my leg, he sulks in the corner until someone walks in - then he totally stares them down, head half-cocked to the side - with his quizzical "well, why are you here?" look. Rumi investigates every single corner of the office for any trace crumb of a treat that may have been possibly dropped and then plunks himself down in the center of the linoleum floor and stretches out to take a nap. Taj was much calmer today, which I attribute to Rumi coming along.
Taj's View out his XPen to the Backyard
 Speaking of Rumi ... he has finally figured out that from the backyard he can access Taj's window. It is very cute, he will run around now to the back to "check in" on Taj - which typically involves staring in at Taj from the window and occasionally standing up on his hind legs, paws on the house, to directly look into Taj's pen.

Rumi about to launch into a Zoomie Taunt!
Taj of course interprets this as indecent taunting and will sometimes start the most creative vocal displays of frustration. Rumi then interprets that as "Look Out! We are under attack!" and he will do "zoomies" around the yard (aka "Border Patrol") to ensure that the evil cats, bunnies, and squirrels of Boalsburg stay away. Taj of course then gets even more frustrated since Rumi is hyper-excited outside and so the howling conversation continues and escalates until I either tell them both to calm down or until Rumi wears himself out and decides to take a random nap in the middle of the lawn. 

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