Monday, June 6, 2011

Tajs First Field Trip: Part 2

Taj at the Penn State Creamery
After walking through the Botanic Gardens at the Arboretum, at my friend Roberta's suggestion, Taj's first adventure continued....

Taj got pulled all the way down to the Penn State Creamery for a special treat! Taj had a very small dish of Peachy Paterno ice cream and a big water break. 

Taj enjoying Peachy Paterno

All Refreshed and Ready to Roll!

Taj enjoyed all the people watching for the day. He was very well-behaved in the car too - although of course he tried to use it as an opportunity to lick his leg!

Hopefully Taj will be able to start to take longer little walks around the neighborhood soon, but until then, the wagon adventures continue... 

A little video of Taj enjoying his dish of creamery ice cream:

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