Monday, July 18, 2011

Week: 9 The Mega Slump

Well we were going strong and flying high through Week 8, but Week 9 seems to have become the mega slump - for both Taj and I. Taj is markably more bored, apathetic, and somewhat depressed... despite my efforts to keep him entertained. He has been living relatively confined now for over 2 months. It makes me sad to have to have to mandate such a drastic change in his lifestyle and I think we are now re-enforcing each other's "bummed out" states.

I tweaked my back again from lifting him up and down off furniture, stairs, wagons, etc. I also got a bug which had me in bed a couple days. Luckily Rich stepped in and has been helping me out a ton!

Taj doing his best to look totally bummed out
while taking a supervised bed break
Taj has been favoring the leg a lot more lately, which really has me worried. If I don't see any marked improvements in the next week, I am going to call the vet. He did really well - incrementally - up through Week 8, but with Week 9, I feel we are back-tracking. He will still put weight on the leg when walking, but when standing he will not put as much weight on it and it seems more "wobbly" to me. The leg is not sensitive to the touch, but he's been favoring his paw quite a bit. I don't know if maybe this is part of the natural healing process and a bi-product of hard callus formation? Also the protrusion from the fragment of radial bone that is the furthest out has been looking more pronounced to me, I am wondering if this is causing him any discomfort.

Slight discoloration of fixator leg paw pads -
I've been putting Musher's Secret on the pads to help protect them
Radial bone fragment protrusion slightly more noticeable (see bump)
Taj got to take a mini-trip out to the pet store and to a new wagon trail. This seemed to only mildly cheer him up a bit. He also got to see Rich, which again he enjoyed, but he's just not himself. I am hoping that this is just another phase in the normative healing process, but my "mommy" instincts have me worried.

Trying to cheer up Mr. Taj
More annoyed than cheery?
Baby Roo ice-cream steal!
New wooded wagon trail with Rich!
Rich puts on the Ferrari-style speed trying to get
any emotive response from Mr. Taj

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  1. Have you been practicing that bird call with your hands? Maybe you should try it. That got him going that one time Leah did it. I hope he's feeling better (and you, too)!