Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week 11.5: Back to the Future @ VOSM

I have been emailing with the technicians at VOSM regarding the Exogen treatments, and they encouraged me to travel down to VOSM in Annapolis for our 12-week recheck appointment. We were about 1/2 week early for this recheck, but I was a bit concerned with how Taj has been using the leg the past couple weeks and wanted to have it looked at asap. We all piled in the SUV and headed down to VOSM - both Taj and Roo in tow. I took Rumi as a "therapy dog" and mental support for Taj. Rumi loves vets; for Taj, they are less than be to be desired.

Taj & Roo checking out the waiting room at VOSM
We arrived at VOSM early and waited for our recheck appointment with Dr. Christopher. VOSM has very nice bench cubicles that helps isolate dogs better while you wait for your appointment. Taj and Roo marveled at the large saltwater aquarium. Then, Taj then kept the neurotic look-out while Roo took a nap.

Roo mesmerized by the saltwater fish; Taj on look out!
Taj still on look-out...
Little salukis; big waiting room!

Our appointment time arrived and the technician took us back. We settled into the nice posh waiting room and the technician took Taj back to the "canine gym" so that his movement and leg usage could be assessed by Dr. Canapp. They also took some new radiographs. Finally, she bought a much-relieved Taj back to the waiting room.
Rumi explores while Taj is in the canine gym being assessed!

Dr. Christopher came in and gave us some good news! The healing is right on track for this time in the healing process. The 8-week radiographs showed moderate callus formation, but it looks like the callus is now MUCH bigger at ~12-weeks (Go Exogen Treatments Go!). Dr. Christopher was quite happy with the progress and said the fixator should be able to be removed in another 4-5 weeks! You can see the 12-week radiographs here! Our next appointment will be in 4-weeks (at 16-weeks) for the final fixator radiographs and an assessment to set the removal date. There are a few more places the doctors are hoping to see greater callus formation, but it looks like the Exogen is helping quite a bit. We will be continuing Exogen treatments for the next month +.

Taj disgruntled but happy the appointment is nearly over!

Dr. Christopher said that Taj may be using his leg slightly less for a number of reasons. There may be a very minor infection in a pin tract (although he could not see any visible signs of infection) so he gave us an antibiotic to use for 2-weeks (clindamycin - 300mg). The healing process itself may be causing slight discomfort - so if necessary - we can give Tramadol if needed. He also warned that if Taj jarred his leg against the Xpen etc that this might cause a bit of discomfort at the pin sites. We are to keep Taj as quiet as possible for another month!

Rumi being Taj's "therapy" dog.
Overall we got a big "thumbs-up"! We are STILL only allowed bathroom walks (10 minutes) a few times a day. We won't be able to build up any distance until the fixator comes off and the leg heals more. Taj is a trooper.

Taj has been feeling better - he has a bit more vigor in his walk and he wants to walk for further distances. He has also play bowed several times the past week to Rumi, and I am now letting him slowly walk up small half-flights of steps (not down yet though)! Despite being in an exercise pen now for THREE+ months (and one more to go!) he physique still looks decent considering.

We are finally seeing the end in sight! Slow and steady for the next month to the "finish line"!

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