Saturday, April 30, 2011

NOOOOO! Poor Mr. Taj!

Poor Taj with His Leg Splinted and on many Medications
Taj incurred a significant break in his left, frontal radius and ulna. Please see the "How Taj Broke His Leg" page and "The Prognosis" page of his Blog. This blog is dedicated to Taj's recovery and to serve as an educational resource for dog owners who may be going through similar rehabilitation.  

Taj Resting Comfortably with his Splint
 Because I have a sedan, I called my friend Bronte who came up (all the way from Philadelphia) with her SUV to help take Taj down to Annapolis. Bronte, and her dog Spartacus - a massive doberman, are some of Mr. Taj's best friends.
Taj Riding in Style with Bronte
 We are off for Taj's surgery! Taj would much rather being doing this with his brother Rumi instead:

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