Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rumi, Taj, and Tanzy Swimming

Baby Roo did the best today! Simple dog simply walked down the ramp, was like "oh, guess i have to swim now," swam across the length of the pool quite easily, was like "wow look another ramp" got out and was like "yay let's do it again" with no problems. Since Roo could only do it about 15 minutes with breaks (we did 5 swims), the owner said to come back with Taj/Tanzy to maximize my payment for the day. Haha. So went back got Taj/Tanzy and this time got some photos. Taj of course had a mini mental meltdown. He was appalled by the whole thing. It was little Tanzy's first time swimming so had to try about three different vests before I got one to fit, then I just picked her up, lowered her into the pool and let her swim to 'shore.' She figured it out - she's half Bichon after all. Very brave! Everyone (including me) got exhausted and the dogs took huge naps and had a huge dinner. So I think I found the perfect way to recondition everyone. Only $20 swim for one dog ($30 for two and $35 for three). Woohoo!

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