Monday, February 27, 2012

Deja Roo & Mr. Taj update

Flyin' high on tramadol or just Roo being Roo?
Well you all aren't going to believe this but Taj's brother Rumi broke his front left leg in a freak accident last week.  As much as Heather can tell, Roo probably was trying to get up onto the deck by jumping four steps instead of walking up - typical saluki!  She thinks Roo lost traction on one of the steps and his leg went through the back of the step where there is no riser that would have stopped his leg.  The trajectory of his jump and the momentum he was carrying combined to cleanly snap both bones in his leg.  What unbelievable bad luck for Taj and Roo in less than a year!

Thankfully, after a successful surgery at VOSM (same place where Taj had his), Roo is back home resting comfortably under the watchful eye of mom.  We'll get more into his surgery and progress  in later posts but the clean break meant Roo only needed a plate bone plate to help him heal rather than the complicated fixator rings Taj had to endure.

on the lookout with my awesome leg!
Speaking of Taj, he is doing excellent-yay!  Thanks to Heather's dutiful care of Taj, he is walking normally and has been slowly building up muscle and strength with long walks and, when he can get away with it, zoomies in the back yard.  He is not allowed to run flat out yet, partially due to the weather and finding an appropriate location nearby to let him loose (not in the woods!); probably a beach.

Ride time with Richie


  1. Hi! I found (and followed) you a few weeks back, thought I'd left a comment, but tonight I had time to visit your archives and read Taj's tale. You have done a great job with Taj and love the blog and photos.

    I found you I think, when googling for info on VOSM maybe...can't remember now. I am a vet tech at an all feline practice and took one of my cats to VOSM for PL surgery in early January and she is doing great and I just love VOSM--from the first phone call to every staff person...Amazing! I blog, too and here's a link to Coco's page:

  2. Hi,

    I found your site a few months ago after my miniature schnauzer broke his leg and wound up with an external fixater. I wanted to say thank you for this awesome site. It has been a great help and comfort during this ridiculously
    long recovery.